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We are an organization focusing on helping businesses to achieve goals implementing three elements: Branding, marketing and coaching. Keeping in mind that internet has changed our lives and the way businesses interact with customers, so we will guide your brand to achieve these changes successfully and continue growing. 


Diego Rojas CEO
Diego Rojas
Mauricio Erazo - Solution Manager
Mauricio Erazo

Founder & CEO

I have always felt passion for helping others and today, with the knowledge and experience acquired, I will help your business to be successful.

Solution Manager

I'm passionate about technology. I love understanding how it works and making it work for you. Whether it's developing a website or creating an online marketing strategy, I take your vision and make it a reality digitally speaking. You can trust me to get the job done right, on time and within budget.


Inspiring Minds Consulting
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Tel:  (407) 989-1811

108 S Palermo Ave, Orlando, FL 32825

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